Chemical Cleaning Products

HERC Products rehabilitates piping systems on commercial, U.S.Navy and U.S. Coast Guard vessels. Using the Pipe-Klean® chemical cleaning process, HERC cleans and clears bilge, ballast, black & gray water systems, heat exchangers, fire protection, wash down, potable water, and cooling water systems.

The Pipe-Klean® process will not harm system material. HERC's Pipe-Klean® process is less disruptive than hydro-blasting or mechanical cleaning and can be performed at sea.


-  Patented formulas for fast, safe cleaning

  -  Green Cross® Certified Biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems
  -  Lowest corrosion rate of all commercially available products
  -  NAVSEA/SSP rating of Exceptional, approved for Heat Exchanger cleaning

-  Patented Mobile, Self Contained Units

  -  Includes workshop for repair and adequate spare parts
  -  Excess pumping capacity
  -  Hose size and quality surpasses volume required for full flow and safety.
  -  Tank capacity that allows for evacuation, treatment and storage.
  -  Equipment staged in Norfolk, San Diego, Pearl Harbor and Japan

-  Trained, Experienced, Professional management

  -  Navy experience: Master Chiefs, Chiefs, DCAs
  -  Over 450 ships of virtually every platform in every US Navy Port
  -  NAVSEA/SSP rating of Exceptional
  -  Active in NACE, NFPA, NAVSEA/NAVSSES 05-P2 Descaling Subcommittee

-  ISO 9000 Compliant

  -  In-house Marine Chemist, Safety and QA department
  -  In-house laboratory and analysis capability
  -  In-house engineering capability
  -  Pipe Klean® patents licensed to DuPont®
  -  Patents/Patents Pending on Fireman cleaning and CMWDS cleaning.

-  Alliance with DuPont®

  -  Development of improved cleaning products
  -  Development of protection products
  -  State of the Art Laboratory facilities