About Us
HERC Products Incorporated, headquartered in San Diego, CA with regional operations in Virginia and Arizona, manufactures high quality environmentally safe products and provides specialty chemical cleaning products designed to clean piping and associated equipment. Our patented, proprietary chemical products are designed to remove scale, corrosion by-products, biological growth and various other types of deposits found in industrial, chemical, municipal, petroleum, marine and agriculture markets.

Since becoming incorporated in 1986, HERC (Health Environmental Research Company) has been a leader in the development of infrastructure rehabilitation, cleaning and preservation services, chemical technologies, and water / wastewater distribution and collection systems. HERC's family of PIPE-KLEAN® WELL-KLEAN® and LINE-OUT® products have been specifically formulated to penetrate, disperse, and dissolve tuberculation nodules, corrosion by-products, mineral precipitants, biofilm, organic debris and all other existing microbial activity. Removal of all unwanted deposits is essential in implementing a successful water treatment program to prevent future corrosion, scale or biological activity in the cleaned line.

HERC's history of chemical cleaning and its patented family of chemical products systems can be designed to not only remove certain types of deposits, but they also can be designed to protect the system’s base metallurgy. PIPE/WELL-KLEAN and LINE-OUT have been certified biodegradable and "Green Cross” labeled by Scientific Certification Systems.

HERC's innovative technologies, intellectual properties, and experienced people are continuing to play an expanding role in the development of environmentally progressive ideas to address marine, civic, and industrial infrastructure requirements.

HERC's products and services are the ideal solution for your pipes, storage, the environment, and best of all your bottom line. HERC strives to lead the way in developing and utilizing elegant technologies that consistently enhance our environment, preserve and improve water quality, preserve the longevity and efficiency of piping and storage systems all in a manner that tangibly advances environmental health in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations and standards.