Municipal Application

HERC’s products and services are used in a number of applications to clean systems of deposits to improve performance.


1. Potable Water well rehabilitation involves the use of WELL-KLEAN to remove deposits down hole. WELL-KLEAN products will remove corrosion by-products, mineral precipitants, and microbiological organism that will accumulate in the casing, pump, bowl, screens, as well as in the formation. The cleaning will allow the well to return to design pumping capacity rates, increase pump efficiency, and lower the cost of pumping as measured in $/acre ft of water.

2. Potable Water distribution system pipe rehabilitation will remove deposits in the underground pipelines that deliver water from the treatment plant to the end users connection at the main. The patented recirculation process will use NSF/ANSI Standard 60 approved PIPE-KLEAN products to penetrate, disperse, and dissolve the deposit resulting in the systems ability to deliver improved water quality and quantity to the consumer. In addition, hydrants will have increased flow and pressure for fire fighting when required. The process requires fewer excavations, less disruption in the project work area, and more complete cleaning of the pipe than conventional mechanical cleaning methods.
3. Filter cleaning with PIPE-KLEAN products will remove deposits from filter media and underdrain systems which allows them to increase time between backwashes and decrease both the backwash time and water volume required to clean the filter. These results in lower cost to produce treated water with the reduction in energy requirement for backwashing as well as reduced loss of treated water used during the backwashing cycle.
4. Treatment plant lime slurry feed lines can be cleaned with PIPE-KLEAN products to remove the calcium carbonate deposits that accumulate in the pipe-line. Build up of scale reduces the volume of alkaline material that is delivered to the process and increases the energy required by the pump to deliver the product. Recirculating the PIPE-KLEAN product will dissolve the scale and restore the lines ability to deliver the proper quantity of lime slurry so that the process performs as required.
Many municipal wastewater treatment plants have anaerobic digesters in the sludge handling treatment scheme. PIPE-KLEAN products are used to dissolve struvite scale in the transfer lines from the digester to the dewatering equipment. The cleaning process and chemicals opens the lines so that sludge is easily pumped to the dewatering equipment reducing the energy cost of the transfer pumps and improving the delivery of sludge at consistent flow and solids content for dewatering.