Industrial Application

Heat transfer surfaces must be kept free of deposits for the equipment to obtain the designed capacity for heating or cooling.


1. HERC’s cleaning process and chemicals can remove corrosion by-products, mineral precipitants, and microorganisms in cooling water systems, cooling towers, and chill water closed loops in order to return the system to design rates. This can be accomplished with either an on-line or off-line cleaning approach.

2. HERC has used its cleaning process and chemicals to remove scale from boilers so that proper steam generation can occur due to improved heat transfer surfaces in the recirculating tubes and clean mud and steam drums. Off-line boiler cleaning normally includes recirculating cleaning solution through the deaerator as well as boiler to remove all deposits that would affect the water treatment program used to control deposition in the boiler.
3. Process equipment can accumulate deposits that will hamper its ability to properly perform its function. HERC’s PIPE-KLEAN products can assist with cleaning process equipment, vessels, tanks, spray nozzles, etc of those unwanted water or organic deposits so that equipment can return to design capacity.
4. HERC deploys a patented process and chemistry to safely and effectively remove water insoluble organic matter resulting from the decomposition of food waste and urine. This has been shown to be highly effective in cleaning of drain lines on aircraft and the solution is extremely non-corrosive toward titanium and titanium alloys.