Agricultural Application
HERC’s LINE-OUT is a patented, biodegradable, concentrated, non-corrosive product used to safely and quickly reduce water hardness deposits in irrigation lines and systems, improve soil permeability and increase water penetration rates.

LINE-OUT is used at ultra low dosage rates, to remove and/or prevent further mineral buildup and corrosion from drip, micro sprinkler, and other low volume irrigation systems. It is fed either continuously or during the last 2-3 hours of each irrigation set. It can be left in the system between sets without the need for flushing.

LINE-OUT consists of a short chain carbon quaternary of organic carboxylic acid and organic amine, that is used for increasing water infiltration and/or removal of sodium. It establishes and maintains a chemical balance in water that increases mineral solubility and water infiltration in soil with high mineral content.